The First Smart Consent Platform, Sharing Consent Value Between Data Subjects and Data Controllers

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Don't sell your data! Grant consent - get value!

Don't sell your data! Grant consent - get value!

Selling your data individually does not work. Huge data sets and many buyers are needed to earn anything, not mentioning the security risks.

What if you grant shortcut to your data, not the data itself! Your consent is the shortcut.

Consent Token is the way to grant and cancel consent, which generates value for the consenter, by making consent accessible to many businesses at once.

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Easy to Grant, Easy to Cancel

Consent Token in your consent. Data subject (individual) grants consent by accepting Consent Token terms and obtaining Consent Token(s). Holding the Consent Token confirms the consent to process data by the data controllers in the Consent Token Network. Consent info is recorded in the Consent Token blockchain. Data subject (individual) cancels the consent by disposing of all the Consent Token(s) held.

Easy to Grant, Easy to Cancel
Same Consent to All Parties

Same Consent to All Parties

The data controller (business) by obtaining the Consent Token is entitled to process data of all individuals, who retain Consent Tokens at any given time. Data controller loses the right to process personal data if it fails to retain a certain amount of Consent Token(s). For all parties the consent is the same and the status of the consent is instantly verifiable in the blockchain. Legal terms (content) of the consent are predefined in the Consent Token terms.

Consent Token Network

Tokenized network consent – Consent Token – is a standardized smart contract-based consent stored on a public blockchain, confirming a right to process personal data by the members of the Consent Token Network. The data controller (business) may obtain Consent Tokens in the same way as individual consenters (including earning additional Consent Tokens as an interest on Consent Tokens held for a set period of time (PoS)) and have to retain them for as long as they wish to process personal data of the Consent Token individual holders. Additional tokens held by either party will contribute to the costs of consent maintenance, will earn interest on the Consent Token and likely appreciate.

Consent Token Network

Consent Token Principles


Predefined amount of Consent Tokens may be obtained at any time free of charge by unique individual consenter (data subject) simply by accepting the Consent Token terms and registering for the Consent Token. The consenter will have to opt in and actively accept Consent Token terms.


Consent Token is not anonymous. Obtaining and retaining of the Consent Token implies that user identity is recorded in the blockchain. It also brings obligations on the consenter and data controller, since Consent Token is a legal grant of consent - agreeing to data processing by Consent Token Network participants.


Network consent will be empowered by the consent value sharing – earning value for the consenter, while maintaining the freedom of the consent. All network participants will contribute to the costs of consent processing and will earn value from it, through appreciation of the Consent Token, interest and growth of the platform.


Consent Token blockchain is not a vehicle or a vessel for private data or for processing, it only grants the right to process data (including to collect it) in a legitimate way, for legitimate purposes and from legitimate sources.

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  • Auste Kiskiene is an entrepreneur, manager and Management and Entrepreneurship Professor.

    Auste has more than 15 years of experience in business and project management. She has been a cofounder and COO of entertainment, education and technology startups (first in 2001 – events and advertising agency). Auste has experience in R&D and innovation management, technology and market analysis, information and knowledge management, quality control and management, strategic management and policy setting.

    Auste currently is a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Montana State University (USA, 2017-2018) and a Visiting Professor at the Tongji University (Shanghai, China).

    Auste Kiskiene
  • Mindaugas Kiskis is the Law and Management Professor, privacy attorney, technology geek and entrepreneur.

    Prof. Kiskis has more than 20 years of hands on experience in the fields of Privacy and Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Technological Entrepreneurship. Mindaugas has been advising international and local businesses, including many blue-chip companies, in the EU and the US on data protection and privacy matters. He has also cofounded three technological ventures and is specialized in the regulatory and management issues of technological and innovative enterprise, legal trailblazing and setting new precedent.

    Mindaugas works globally. He has worked in the US (2017-2018), China (2013), Canada (2011). He was the Fulbright fellow at the Arizona State University (2007-2008), Markle fellow at the Oxford University (2003).

    Mindaugas Kiskis

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