GDPR is not helping with our privacy

Consent Token co-founder Prof. Mindaugas Kiskis on the GDPR and privacy in post: GDPR is eroding our privacy, not protecting it.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR – came into force couple of month ago. However, it failed to bring us more privacy or give us back the control of our personal data, despite bold promises. We only got more annoying Privacy Policy related messages, increased bureaucracy and more ads for consultancy services.

GDPR is preoccupied with nominal personal data and formal, bureaucratic prescriptions for its protection – documentation, privacy impact audits, etc. More paperwork will not lead to more privacy, on the contrary, it will cause more security risks.

Unfortunately, the average person has barely gained any new privacy through the GDPR. Apart from the data portability right, all other provisions are far from giving us the control and protection we seek. We can ask and complain, though we have been able to do all these things before the EU attempts to regulate data protection. Moreover, GDPR is not paying attention to the real issues with privacy protection, for example, huge problem of compensating the damages to the individual, whose privacy is violated, is not acknowledged in the GDPR.

We believe that not bureaucracy, but technology can offer us better tools to control our personal data. There are solutions for secure communication, private browsing, ad blocking, etc. Consent Token is working on technology that will also allow us to control our consents, to opt in and opt out, or even monetize our privacy, if we wish so.

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Our team won the Unibright and Lufthansa hackathon

The Consent Token team are the proud winners of the Unibright Hackaton without a single line of code at the second Pillar Unconference, which was held in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2018!

Unibright partnered with Lufthansa for this challenge and provided participants with real life use case scenarios from the aviation industry. We had to create blockchain based solutions for the asset life cycles of planes and equipment, the loyalty program, voucher management or seat and flight booking management systems. There was no code involved! Unibright provided their tools, which allow to craft blockchain solutions for businesses by eliminating complex and specialized blockchain development.

Consent Token philosophy aligns with Unibright’s in that we both are leveraging blockchain technology to solve real world problems. What Unibright does is extremely important as it boils complex technology down to solutions for everyday problems. We decided to participate in this challenge, first of all, because we were curious to experience Unibright’s tools.

Consent Token was represented by tech-geeks, not by tech-developers. We tackled the asset life cycles of planes and equipment use case and came with the process model, which can be used for both design and monitoring. As a winning team we will participate in a follow-up workshop in Bingen and Frankfurt later this year.

In the hackathon we were looking at the use cases from the manager’s, owner’s, and consumer’s, but not tech developer’s, point of view. The question for us was how blockchain can improve complex processes of asset maintenance and simplify tasks for those involved in them. We are asking similar questions while working on Consent Token as well, since large part of the processes is universal and is not aircraft unique. Blockchain can open completely new worlds in many fields, but if we want that to happen sooner rather than later, we have to bring the technology to the level which can be easily used in the boardroom and by the non-technical public.

Blockchain technology is still far away from the real-life applications that will change the world, and tools like Unibright are very important in narrowing the gap. The Consent Token also wants to change the world by giving everyone a tool to get value from their personal data. We are not developing just another coin or token, and not another data marketplace, data locker, data wallet or alike. We think that the most efficient way get value is not through data, but through consents, which control data. We are creating the first smart consent platform on blockchain to enable consumers to freely and easily grant and cancel consents and get value in the process. We are creating the new class of tokens, which are not anonymous, have KYC embeded and impart obligations on their holders, not just provides entitlements. We are not doing an ICO and we are not in it for a short term.

You can take control of your data

Consent Token co-founder Prof. Mindaugas Kiskis on the personal data value in post: Ever dreamed of selling your data for cash? Dream on.

As the European Commissioner Ms Kuneva said back in 2009, “personal data is the new oil of the internet and the new currency of the digital world”. It is true now more than ever! If you need a proof, just look at how much such companies as Facebook or Google are earning from processing your personal data. Cambridge Analytica paid up to $5 for a piece of our personal information. We calculated, that every year in the US alone data brokers are selling data worth around $7000 per US internet user.

Businesses of all sizes and types are using our personal information in their sales and marketing process. But we – the supply side of the data business – are getting nothing from it.

There have been numerous attempts to help individuals to sell their own data for a profit. However, all of them have failed to offer a fair share of the real value. This is mainly because of two biggest problems: 1) you have to collect a huge set of your personal data, which is an expensive and time-consuming task; 2) there is no efficient and competitive market for price discovery, which leaves individual person without any bargaining power.

Consent Token offers a way to overcome these problems. Instead of selling our data, we can get value from the shortcut to our data – our consent. And where a single person does not have any power, thousands and millions together can achieve unimaginable things. Consent Token will pool and unify individual consents and will share consent value with you, at the same time giving you tools to control your personal data the way you want.

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Privacy value: we must be paid to opt in

Consent Token co-founder Dr. Auste Kiskiene on privacy and personal data in connection to the Facebook’s ideas about paid opt-out in post Privacy wars: we should not pay to opt out, we must be paid to opt in.

Facebook’s announcement that we will have to pay if we do not want our personal data harvested by the advertisers is in sharp contrast to our own ideas at Consent Token. We believe that we have to be paid to opt in and also be free to opt out whenever we want.

Facebook’s example tells us a lot about personal data business. First of all – our personal data is valuable. Businesses earn billions from our privacy. Second, businesses treat our personal data as a free for all resource and do not want to share their profits with us. And third, we do not know the real value of our data and do not have leverage to negotiate on its price. We believe that the best path for us, as the data sources, is to network together and demand our share in the business. Consent Token is building a tool to do just that. Stay tuned!

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Consent Token lets you make decisions about your privacy

Consent Token co-founder Prof. Mindaugas Kiskis on how we can make decisions about our privacy and demand a share from businesses profiting from our data in post Profiting from your privacy – outrageous or innovative.

Privacy is a complicated concept in current environment, where businesses profit because they collect, process and use our personal data. Though the prevailing narrative is pro privacy, many people themselves do not care that much about their private data. This makes all of us complicit in enabling data brokers and other business to grab our data whenever they can. Government regulations do not help either – they fine big businesses for mishandling personal data, but they offer nothing for those who were wronged – individual data subjects. We need a totally different approach – allow people to make decisions about their private data and demand a part of profit from the businesses, who already profit from privacy. Consent Token offers one way to give power back to the people. Individuals do not have to sell their data – it is enough to control consents for data processing in exchange for part of the value.

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Why Consent Token is a different blockchain application

Consent Token co-founder Dr. Auste Kiskiene on why Consent Token is a different blockchain application in post Consent Token: Blockchain application built for your privacy.

We at Consent Token believe, that blockchain desperately needs breakthrough innovations. Not in technology itself, but in its applications and business models. It has to become a must-have, something we are committed to and motivated to use. It has to disrupt our usual ways. Current user motivation of blockchain projects is shaky at best. It quickly ends with the drop of the value of coins and tokens.

Consent Token is a different kind of project. It connects user entitlements with obligations. It has a direct connection with the real-life implications. Consent Token is not only a token, which will earn you value, it is also your legal consent for personal data processing by others – members of the Consent Token Network. You get Consent Token – you give your consent and earn value from it. You sell Consent Token – you cancel your consent and, again, earn value from the sale. This way you manage who gets an access to your personal data: you easily grant and cancel your consent, and you know who has obtained your consent and what type of personal data is processed. You also get a share from the value your personal data is creating to businesses around the world.

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Consent Token co-founder Prof. M. Kiskis on consents and…

Consent Token co-founder Prof. M. Kiskis explains Consent Token idea in the Coinannouncer: BUSINESSES PROFIT FROM MY DATA, HOW CAN I PROFIT FROM THEM?

There is no business today that does not grab your data. They all profit from it. Some just a bit. Some handsomely. Some entirely depend on it. A lot of research and estimates show that business of our data is worth billions.

This is not going to change through new regulation. But if we cannot change this, maybe there is a way for us to tap into the value of our data? Researchers and entrepreneurs have been looking for ways to do this since early 2000. Most look for ways to allow you sell your data directly. Early trailblazers tried selling own data on EBay. More recent attempts offer paid non-anonymous surveys, data repositories allowing access for businesses, ways to open up your social media accounts, data wallets, data exchanges, you name it.

These attempts are limited in success and create problems of their own. In short, to get any significant value from data, huge data sets, many buyers and market pricing are needed, but are not offered by current data sales platforms.

This does not mean that data sales and transfers are not viable in principle. They are flourishing behind our backs! They only stall, when us, the data subjects, are directly and lawfully involved. They work well enough when we are not, but then we are left out empty-handed, while data businesses profit.

Consent Token offers a different approach to this problem. Instead of selling data, we need shortcuts to data. Shortcut to data is a consent. In other words, we need a way to grant consents for data processing and a way to manage such consents. Consent is also a shortcut into data value.

There are more than enough efficient ways to collect and process our data. We do not need to fix them, we just need to authorize them with a consent in exchange for part of the value.

Consent Token is simple. You grant consent by obtaining Consent Token. The Consent Token is your consent. You hold it, you grant consent. You sell it, you cancel consent. Consent Token records all grants, cancellations (sales) and user id on the blockchain.

To get your consent businesses have to buy the Consent Token on a free market, while you get it free. Consent Token incentivizes you to participate. You hold, you earn interest. You sell some tokens, you earn. That easy. Businesses will be attracted to buy the Consent Tokens simply because there are no efficient alternatives.

Consent Token does not deal with data itself. Our innovation is in consent management and value sharing with the consenter. We won’t change the ways that the data industries deal with your data, but we allow them to operate under your consent in exchange for some part of the value that they are creating.

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Hello World!

We are excited to introduce the Consent Token!

Consent Token aims to be the first smart consent platform, which allows sharing consent value between data subjects (individuals) and data controllers (businesses). The Consent Token Green Paper is a result of years of experience working in privacy, personal data protection, information and knowledge management fields.


There is no doubt that personal data is very valuable. The problem is that individuals are not benefiting from it themselves. Many businesses, some legal, some questionably legal benefit from it. Current business personal data processing practices are far from perfect. Many businesses try to implement complex solutions for personal data, yet there are many actors, who process data without consent and without any knowledge of the data subject.

Existing tools do not allow the individual to profit from their data. Some pay pennies for you to answer surveys or open up your social media profile, others try to collect your data from different sources and process it for insights.

We believe this is all wrong. Selling your data individually is not going to make you rich. You need huge data sets and many buyers to make anything significant. Moreover, accumulating huge data sets is a well known security risk.

What if you can sell shortcut to your data, rather than the data itself? In data protection world such shortcut is your consent. In fact it is already needed for many types of personal data processing. In order to perform some operation with respect to the consenter, the data controller must have a valid consent.

Existing consent granting and processing solutions are not exciting to put it politely. The consenter does not participate in consent processing, there are no simple and easy ways to grant and cancel it. Most importantly they do not allow you to tap into the billion dollars that personal data is worth.

There are no projects, which would attempt to create easy to use, transparent and fair system of managing (granting/cancelling on the consenter side and obtaining/maintaining records on the business side) consents for personal data processing. Also, no projects allow consent value sharing between individuals and businesses.

Disruptive concept

Consent Token changes this. We offer a shortcut to personal data, and we make it accessible to millions of businesses at once. Thus, we open up the value of the data.

We propose a novel legal and technological approach – network consent and consent value sharing. Blockchain technology allows consent grants, cancellations and processing on a secure global network. It eliminates the trust barrier between network members, and allows consent value growth and sharing among participating parties.

Consent Token is your consent. When you obtain Consent Token, you automatically grant consent for your personal data processing to all Consent Token Network participants. When you sell your Consent Token, you automatically cancel your consent. That’s it!

Individuals get Consent Token for free and earn as the Consent Token value increases. You also get interest on the Consent Token that you hold!

We bet many businesses will line up to get your consents – i.e. buy Consent Tokens from you! And the more the merrier, since consents are now required for almost all businesses.

Consent Token team is working hard on making the Consent Token a reality. We seek feedback to our concept as well as we invite collaborators, who share our approch.

Reach out to us and let’s make it happen together.