Consent Token lets you make decisions about your privacy

Consent Token co-founder Prof. Mindaugas Kiskis on how we can make decisions about our privacy and demand a share from businesses profiting from our data in post Profiting from your privacy – outrageous or innovative.

Privacy is a complicated concept in current environment, where businesses profit because they collect, process and use our personal data. Though the prevailing narrative is pro privacy, many people themselves do not care that much about their private data. This makes all of us complicit in enabling data brokers and other business to grab our data whenever they can. Government regulations do not help either – they fine big businesses for mishandling personal data, but they offer nothing for those who were wronged – individual data subjects. We need a totally different approach – allow people to make decisions about their private data and demand a part of profit from the businesses, who already profit from privacy. Consent Token offers one way to give power back to the people. Individuals do not have to sell their data – it is enough to control consents for data processing in exchange for part of the value.

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