GDPR is not helping with our privacy

Consent Token co-founder Prof. Mindaugas Kiskis on the GDPR and privacy in post: GDPR is eroding our privacy, not protecting it.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation – or GDPR – came into force couple of month ago. However, it failed to bring us more privacy or give us back the control of our personal data, despite bold promises. We only got more annoying Privacy Policy related messages, increased bureaucracy and more ads for consultancy services.

GDPR is preoccupied with nominal personal data and formal, bureaucratic prescriptions for its protection – documentation, privacy impact audits, etc. More paperwork will not lead to more privacy, on the contrary, it will cause more security risks.

Unfortunately, the average person has barely gained any new privacy through the GDPR. Apart from the data portability right, all other provisions are far from giving us the control and protection we seek. We can ask and complain, though we have been able to do all these things before the EU attempts to regulate data protection. Moreover, GDPR is not paying attention to the real issues with privacy protection, for example, huge problem of compensating the damages to the individual, whose privacy is violated, is not acknowledged in the GDPR.

We believe that not bureaucracy, but technology can offer us better tools to control our personal data. There are solutions for secure communication, private browsing, ad blocking, etc. Consent Token is working on technology that will also allow us to control our consents, to opt in and opt out, or even monetize our privacy, if we wish so.

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