Our team won the Unibright and Lufthansa hackathon

The Consent Token team are the proud winners of the Unibright Hackaton without a single line of code at the second Pillar Unconference, which was held in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2018!

Unibright partnered with Lufthansa for this challenge and provided participants with real life use case scenarios from the aviation industry. We had to create blockchain based solutions for the asset life cycles of planes and equipment, the loyalty program, voucher management or seat and flight booking management systems. There was no code involved! Unibright provided their tools, which allow to craft blockchain solutions for businesses by eliminating complex and specialized blockchain development.

Consent Token philosophy aligns with Unibright’s in that we both are leveraging blockchain technology to solve real world problems. What Unibright does is extremely important as it boils complex technology down to solutions for everyday problems. We decided to participate in this challenge, first of all, because we were curious to experience Unibright’s tools.

Consent Token was represented by tech-geeks, not by tech-developers. We tackled the asset life cycles of planes and equipment use case and came with the process model, which can be used for both design and monitoring. As a winning team we will participate in a follow-up workshop in Bingen and Frankfurt later this year.

In the hackathon we were looking at the use cases from the manager’s, owner’s, and consumer’s, but not tech developer’s, point of view. The question for us was how blockchain can improve complex processes of asset maintenance and simplify tasks for those involved in them. We are asking similar questions while working on Consent Token as well, since large part of the processes is universal and is not aircraft unique. Blockchain can open completely new worlds in many fields, but if we want that to happen sooner rather than later, we have to bring the technology to the level which can be easily used in the boardroom and by the non-technical public.

Blockchain technology is still far away from the real-life applications that will change the world, and tools like Unibright are very important in narrowing the gap. The Consent Token also wants to change the world by giving everyone a tool to get value from their personal data. We are not developing just another coin or token, and not another data marketplace, data locker, data wallet or alike. We think that the most efficient way get value is not through data, but through consents, which control data. We are creating the first smart consent platform on blockchain to enable consumers to freely and easily grant and cancel consents and get value in the process. We are creating the new class of tokens, which are not anonymous, have KYC embeded and impart obligations on their holders, not just provides entitlements. We are not doing an ICO and we are not in it for a short term.

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