Privacy value: we must be paid to opt in

Consent Token co-founder Dr. Auste Kiskiene on privacy and personal data in connection to the Facebook’s ideas about paid opt-out in post Privacy wars: we should not pay to opt out, we must be paid to opt in.

Facebook’s announcement that we will have to pay if we do not want our personal data harvested by the advertisers is in sharp contrast to our own ideas at Consent Token. We believe that we have to be paid to opt in and also be free to opt out whenever we want.

Facebook’s example tells us a lot about personal data business. First of all – our personal data is valuable. Businesses earn billions from our privacy. Second, businesses treat our personal data as a free for all resource and do not want to share their profits with us. And third, we do not know the real value of our data and do not have leverage to negotiate on its price. We believe that the best path for us, as the data sources, is to network together and demand our share in the business. Consent Token is building a tool to do just that. Stay tuned!

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