Why Consent Token is a different blockchain application

Consent Token co-founder Dr. Auste Kiskiene on why Consent Token is a different blockchain application in BTCNN.com post Consent Token: Blockchain application built for your privacy.

We at Consent Token believe, that blockchain desperately needs breakthrough innovations. Not in technology itself, but in its applications and business models. It has to become a must-have, something we are committed to and motivated to use. It has to disrupt our usual ways. Current user motivation of blockchain projects is shaky at best. It quickly ends with the drop of the value of coins and tokens.

Consent Token is a different kind of project. It connects user entitlements with obligations. It has a direct connection with the real-life implications. Consent Token is not only a token, which will earn you value, it is also your legal consent for personal data processing by others – members of the Consent Token Network. You get Consent Token – you give your consent and earn value from it. You sell Consent Token – you cancel your consent and, again, earn value from the sale. This way you manage who gets an access to your personal data: you easily grant and cancel your consent, and you know who has obtained your consent and what type of personal data is processed. You also get a share from the value your personal data is creating to businesses around the world.

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